15mm Micro Valves – A Series

All ports, including exhaust, are situated in the main valve body. The coil is removeable due to a patented ‘clip release’ system. The NANO valve coil is rated at 0.28w. High Speed/Long Life. Reduce stock requirements’


Technical Data
Ambient temperature -5 ÷ +50 °C
Fluid temperature max +50 °C
Fluid 10 μm fi ltered air, lubricated or not
Commutation system poppet
Ways/Positions 2/2 NC, 3/2 NC, 2/2 NO, 3/2 NO
Pressure max 9 bar
Control electric
Return mechanical spring
Connections ISO 15218 interface
Nominal Ø 1,2 1,5
Nominal flow rate 26 38
Max frequency 2700 cycles/min


Constructive Characteristics
Valve body technopolymer (aluminium external cover)
Seals nitrile rubber
Components stainless steel, brass


Electric Features
Coil U05 DD series
Power consumption 24 V AC – 48 V AC – 110 V AC – 230 V AC
Electrical connection 15 mm connector – Molex-type bipolar connector or loose wires
Voltage 12 V DC – 24 V DC