Cylinders with Digital Measuring Detector – NQZ Series

Pneumatic actuator with digital measuring detector. Control of the locking position. Identification, classification and dimensional choice of objects (tolerances and rejects).


Ambient temperature -10 to +70 °C
Working Pressure 2 to 10 bar
Pneumatic Port G1/8
Fluid Filtered air 30µm
Protection IP65 (DIN 40050)
Repeatability Precision ± 0.02 mm
Speed (max) 0.2m/s
Ø/Thread – Screw mm/turn 32/12-40/16-50-63/20.5
Supply 5 Vdc
Limit Frequency 60 Khz
Level H Vdc
Output Level L <0.5V
Impedance 2 K0hm
Consumption of Current (max) 40 mA
Time of Upstroke/Downstroke < 1μS
Pulse Rate 500
Resolution ± 0,01 impulse/turn