Cylinders with Integrated Digital Measuring Detector and Locking System – NTZ Series

Pneumatic cylinder with integrated safety locking system and digital measuring detector Ø 32-63 mm. The system does not need to be connected to the moving part of the mechanism as it generates by itself the movement by means of an internal pusher with bidirectional pneumatic function.


Ambient temperature -10 to +70 °C
Working Pressure 2 to 10 bar
Bore 032 – 040 – 050 – 063 mm
Fluid Filtered air 30µm
Standard Stroke Depending on bore size (refer to codification key)
Barrel Extruded barrel in aluminium alloy with groove for flush-mounted sensors.
Piston Rod Chromium-plated Steel
Functioning of locking unit Passive, in the absence of signal and/or air supply
Pressure (min) 3 bar
Holding force of piston rod 3 times the thrust of the cylinder with air supply 6 bar
Speed (max) 1 m/s
Precision of repeatability ± 0.3 mm