Digital Pressure Switches

Adjustable Set Points

Upper and lower pressure points can be set providing colour change LCD display with adjustable hysteresis

Programmable Outputs

Programmable upper and lower outputs provide analogue feedback signal for PLC input

Multi-Colour Display

Colour changes from green to red when pressure goes outside of the pre-set zones, set by the operator


Technical Data
Pressure range -1 to 1 bar 1 to 10 bar
Measurement range -100kPa to 100kPa -0.100MPa to 1.000MPa
Setting range -100kPa to 100kPa 0.000MPa to 1.000MPa
Pressure resistance 500kPa 1.500MPa
Fluid Compressed air, Filtered 50μ
Measurement accuracy ≤ ± 2% (full scale) at ambient temperature 25°C
Temperature error ≤ ± 3% (full scale) at ambient temperature 50°C
Thread External thread R1/8 – Internal thread M5
Pressure display LCD (two rows – dual colour display)
Status display 4 digit measurement value – output status display
Display mode 4 dimmer options
Voltage 15 to 30 VDC ± 10%
Power consumption 40mA max
Contact rating 100 VA
Transistor output signal NPN PNP
Transistor output current 80mA max 80mA max
Transistor output ΔP ≤ 1V ≤ 1V
Analog output signal Analog voltage output 1 to 5V Simulation current output 4 to 20mA
Analog load resistance ≤ 1KΩ ≤ 400Ω
Response time 2.5ms – 20ms – 100ms – 500ms – 1000ms – 2000ms (adjustable)
Circuit protection Short circuit protection included as standard
Protection degree IP40
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Operational humidity 35 to 80% RH (non-condensing)
Vibration resistance Amplitude 1.5mm – 10HZ to 500HZ (max)