End Effectors and Vacuum Grippers

Experience with vacuum products has led TecnAir to manufacture and build robot End-Effectors for handling boxes, sacks, liquid filled bags etc. We supply both end-users and system integrators and carry out extensive trials to guarantee that the gripping system works first time every time.

Depending on the application End-Effectors could use vacuum, magnetic or mechanical operation.

We can include pallet gripper arms, two-wire communications to banks of solenoid valves for zoning and integrated vacuum generator cartridges, which reduces untidy pipework.

Specialised cups allow us to easily handle liquid filled bags, soft pouches, oily metal and other awkward shapes and sizes. FDA approved direct-contact vacuum cups are available for food pick-up which do not interfere with metal detection systems.

TecnAir manufacture End-Effectors for Delta robots which have the vacuum generator cartridges and integrated valves in a single compact unit.

As Collaborative robots become more common we have developed a head that is light weight and includes the generator, valves and display.

For handling delicate products a soft gripper has been launched.

ISO pallets

Tecnair Australia manufacture End-Effectors to individual client specification or to ISO Standard 6780:2003 for Flat Pallets (international clients).

PALLET DIMENSIONS to ISO Standard 6780:2003
mm Imperial Country
1165 × 1165 45.9 × 45.9 Australia
1000 × 1200 39.37 × 47.24 Europe, Asia
1016 × 1219 40.00 × 48.00 USA
1067 × 1067 42.00 × 42.00 North America, Europe, Asia
1100 × 1100 43.30 × 43.30 Asia
800 × 1200 31.50 × 47.24 Europe