Poppet Spool Valves – AC Series

Floating Poppet/Spool Design
The Floating-Poppet System is made up of a central poppet arrangement & side spool assemblies to reduce valve friction to an absolute minimum.

Low Noise Levels
The central poppets act as a shock absorber and ensure that the metal spool does not come into contact with the body.

High Speeds
Poppet valves designs can operate over shorter strokes in comparison to conventional spool valves providing higher operational speeds.

Long Life Design
The central poppet design, together with shorter operating stroke and custom lip seals, ensure long, trouble-free life.


Ambient temperature -10 to +45 °C
Fluid temperature (max)
+50 °C
Fluid 50 μm filtered air, lubricated or not
Mechanical System Poppet mixed
Pneumatic function
Pressure (max) 10 bar
pneumatic, electric, mechanical
pneumatic, electric, mechanical
Connections G1/8 G1/4 G1/2
Nominal Ø 6 8 15
Nominal Flow Rate (NI/min) 1080 1600 4600
Valve Body Die-cast aluminium
Seals Nitrile rubber, polyurethane
Actuators Technopolymer
Spool Aluminium
G1/8 G1/4 G1/2
Coil U1 U1 U2
Coil series AA AA AB
Power Consumption 3.5 W (DC) – 5 VA (AC) 3.5 W (DC) – 5 VA (AC) 11 W (DC) – 10 VA (AC)
Connector AM-5110 AM-5110 AM-5111
Voltage 12 V DC – 24 V DC – 24 V AC – 110 V AC – 230 V AC
Manual override 2 position screwdriver operation