Proportional Regulator Electropneumatic Transducer – PR500X Series

PR500X series proportional regulators (transducers) are available in two different versions. The lower range model is designed for standard process control applications which typically utilize a 3 to 15 psig output. The extended range unit provides up to 120 psig output for higher pressure industrial pneumatic and process control system requirements.

The transducers convert a current or voltage input signal to a linearly proportional pneumatic output pressure. This versatile instrument is designed for control applications that require a high degree of reliability and repeatability at an economical cost. Optional NEMA 4X (IP65) version allows for splashdown and outdoor installation. Typically, these units are used for applications that require the operation of valve actuators, pneumatic valve positioners, damper and louver actuators, final control elements, relays, air cylinders, web tensioners, clutches, and brakes. Industries that utilize the Type 500X include Petrochemical, HVAC, Energy Management, Textile, Paper, Paper Converting, Food and Drug.


Technical Data
Low pressure series
High pressure series
Port Size G1/4 G1/4
Pressure Supply 7 bar max 10.5 bar max
Terminal Bases Linearity <±0.75% of Corresponding Range <±1.5% of Corresponding Range
Repeatability <±0.5% of Corresponding Range <±0.5% of Corresponding Range
Hysteresis <±1.0% of Corresponding Range <±0.5% of Corresponding Range
Flow Rate 7.6 m3/hr (supply: 1.7bar) 34 m3/hr (supply: 10.5bar)
20 m3/hr (supply: 6.8bar)
Relief Capacity 3.4 m3/hr at 0.35bar 11.9 m3/hr at 0.7bar
(above 1.3bar setpoint) (above 1.3bar setpoint)
Air Consumption (max) 0.07 m3/hr (midrange) 14 m3/hr (midrange)
Weight 0.94kg 0.94kg
Medium 40 Micron Instrument Compressed Air (oil free) & Neutral Gases
Operating Temperature -30° > +60°C
Electrical Connection Cable Gland G1/2 (various connectors available upon request)
Filtration 50 μm Minimum Filtration
IP Rating IP 65 upon request (NEMA-4X enclosure required)