Rotary Actuators – R Series

Anti Backlash
The rack is produced from square stainless steel bar to reduce friction and minimise backlash. The rack moves within a technopolymer sleeve with adjustment points to reduce backlash.

Pneumatic Cushioning
The end caps incorporate a unique mechanical damping pad and adjustable pneumatic cushioning as standard.

Angle Adjustment
End caps can be supplied with or without adjustment screws for angle rotation adjustment


Type Rotary Actuator
Bore (mm)
32 to 125
Rotation Range 90° – 180° – 270° – 360°
Rotation Tolerance ±3° (±5° with stroke adjustment)
Operating Pressure 1.5 – 10 bar
Fluid Compressed air, Filtered 50µ. Use with or without lubrication
Operating Temperature Max + 80° Min -20°
Barrel Aluminium extrusion anodised 15 – 18 microns
Bearing Type Heavy duty roller bearing
Mounting Bracket Dimensions In accordance to ISO 15552, ISO 6431 & VDMA 24562