Test Product

Unique Extrusion
The telescopic extrusion allows the return stroke supply air to be directed to the front of the piston without the need for external piping.

Completely Pneumatic
Telescopic cylinders are double acting and require no springs or external force to return the piston rod to the home position.

2 or 3 Stages
Available in 2 or 3 stage versions the telescopic cylinder is a linear drive which reduces the overall dimensions in comparison to conventional cylinders.

TypesTelescopic cylinder
Bore (mm)
25 to 63 mm
Maximum Stroke (mm)Bore2 Stage Stroke 3 Stage Stroke
Operating Pressure 1.5 – 10 bar
Fluid Compressed air, Filtered 50µ. Use with or without lubrication
Operating Temperature Max + 80° Min -20°
BarrelAluminium – internally/externally anodised